We All Stumble - :60

We All Stumble - Full Length

Already Alive partnered with the Robin Hood Foundation to create a film that highlights all too common stories of people living below the poverty line in New York City. Poverty is incredibly complex issue with many factors contributing to it.  Robin Hood partners with over 200 organizations to give people opprotunities who would normally fall through the cracks. 

If you feel compelled, please contribute to Robin Hood where 100% of your donations will go toward these partner organizations who are on the front lines of the fight against poverty in NYC. www.robinhood.org 


Produced by: Already Alive (www.alreadyalive.com)
Director: Michael Marantz (www.michaelmarantz.com)
Director of Photography: Tim Sessler (www.timsessler.com) 
Executive Producers: Noah Meisner and Michael Marantz
Producer: Tay McEvers
Producer: Carlee Briglia
Writers: Michael Marantz, Jason Oppliger, and Jenny Weiner
Production Designer: Billy Gerard Frank
Art Director: Hannah Rothfield
Wardrobe: Julie Mollo

Casting Director: Jamie Carroll
Mom: Soleidy Mendez
Daughter: Tyler Matos
Teen: Jamej Lawton
Homeless Man: James Trenton
Teen’s Sister: Brianna Moore
Teen’s Mother: Vanessa Thorpe
Teen’s Father: Erik McKay
ICE Officer 1: McKale Gray
ICE Officer 2: Michael Coppola
Child Service: Darlene Dues
Drug Buyer: Andre Nieves
Police Officer 1: Marbel Melendez
Police Officer 2: Nate Gray
MTA Officer: Matt Nagin
Counselor: Kim Akia

Assistant Camera: Filipp Penson
2nd Assistant Camera: Sandy SooHoo
Assistant Director: Cedric Vara
2nd Assistant Director: Sussan Cordero

Sound Mixers: Taylor Bradshaw, Drew English
Gaffer: John Busch
Key Grip: Vincent Davino
Swing: Stefan Matwijec
Swing: Jose Bonilla

Set Dresser: Christine Pfister
Wardrobe Assistant: Libby Shaw
Hair/Makeup: Brittany Romney, Elvira Gonzalez
Location Manager: Pentwater Productions
Set Photographer: Hayley Monek
Violin and Cello Performer: Daniel Boventer

DIT: Phil Bradley
Editor: Nicholas Davis, Joint Editorial
Colorist: Lenny Mastrandrea
Finishing Producer: Matt Hubert
Mix by: Drew English

Key PA: Zerabruk Cavallaro

Production Assistants: 
Finise Avery
Coby Briglia
Jose Denizard
Ben Dobson
Shaheed Johnson Bey
Edwin Villanueva
Max Velazquez
Parking PA’s: Juan Bonilla, Leonel Perdomo

Background Actors: 
Tyree Brown
Manuel Cabrero
Marsha Cann
John E. Carroll
Natasha Lacious Fuller
Geno Hill
Billy K. Peterson
Douglas A. Robs
Courtney Rose
Peter Sullivan
Leonard Zimmerman

Camera: Brooklyn Aerials
Lenses: Abel Cine
Walkies: Rock Bottom Rentals
Production Supplies: Below the Line
Weapons: The Specialists, LTD.
Picture Car: Lost Soul Picture Cars
Catering: My Kitchen Witch
Color Correction: Nice Shoes

A Very Special Thanks: Robin Hood Foundation
Rose Bromka
Lindsay Carroll
Wes Moore
Spike Brant
Scott Peterman
Isabelle McKusick Marantz