Verizon - "You Don't Know Me" PSA

"You Don't Know Me" is a PSA created to support Verizon's Innovative Learning initiative which gets students into STEM focused learning. Verizon has been focusing their resources on minority males from the ages of 10 - 14, trying to break the stereotypes that effect this group, not only giving them access to a STEM education, but showing them that they can be so much more than the stereotypes.

Director: Michael Marantz
Director of Photography: Kristian Zuniga
Production Company: Already Alive
Producer: Noah Meisner
Production Manager: Tay McEvers
Editor: Brandon Bray
Music: Michael Marantz featuring the vocals of KAMAU
Production Coordinator: Justin Rambert
Gaffer: Brian Stansfield
Production Design: Billy Gerard Frank

Spoken word poetry written and performed by: Michael Alexander

Agency: Gyrate
Editor in Chief: Margit Detweiler
Lead Editor: Victoria Fine
Managing Editor: Jessica Weil

Special Thanks: 
NYU Tandon School of Engineering - Center for K12 STEM Education