NOSTALGIA is a collaborative film by Drew English, Michael Marantz and Tim Sessler, shot on the RED Epic Dragon Monochrome with the Freefly ALTA drone:

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Behind The Scenes video:

Cinematography by Tim Sessler and Drew English
Directed and written by Michael Marantz and Tim Sessler
Produced by Brooklyn Aerials and Freefly Systems
Music by Michael Marantz
Voice Over by William "Opa" Chester
Special thanks to Jarred Land, RED Cinema Cameras, Freefly Systems, Tabb Firchau, Hugh Bell, the ALTA team, Tina Hammersmark, Michael Clarke, Loren Feinstein and the McKusick Family

Aerial platform: Freefly ALTA with MoVI M15
Camera: RED Epic Dragon Monochrome (with IR Pass OLPF)
Lenses: Leica R (19, 24, 50, 135mm) with B+W Deep BW IR and 720nm IR filters.

Shot in New York State and Western Massachusetts.