Freed by Fire 

Change the story & End Child Marriage:

“Freed by Fire” follows Molina, a 12-year old Malawian girl becomes another child who ends up in an unwanted marriage. 
One female Chief is tirelessly working to stop it.

Film Commissioned by Vital Voices (
Vital Voices searches the world for woman leaders with a daring vision. Then partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, Vital Voices accelerate her efforts, improving the world for us all.

Direction / DP / Music - Michael Marantz -
Writers - Isabelle Marantz / Michael Marantz / Noah Meisner
Editor - Kimberly Pellnat / Daniel Boventer / Michael Marantz
Producer - Noah Meisner
Malawi Producers Flora Thomas / Lameck Luhanga
Production Coordinator - Tay McEvers -
Sound Mix - Drew English
Production - Already Alive -
Production - Hard Pin Media -

Starring - Maureen Mvundula

Thank You:
Vital Voices
Habiba Osman
Limbani Msiska
Loveness Ndaziona
UN Women
Ernest #1 Crew ;) 
Chief Kachindamoto
Dedza Secret Mothers

We would like to thank all of the real villagers who comprised our cast.